Not Even Breathing

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The Disaffection & Friends Project

by Minnow | not even breathing - medley

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25.01.2019 Interkultur (Germersheim)

07.02.2019 MaBs (Bensheim)

23.02.2019 Cave 54 (Heidelberg) Bandsupporter Contest

28.02.2019 Stadtmühle (Bensheim)

07.03.2019 7er Club (Mannheim) Bandsupporter Contest

26.03.2019 Diesbach Medien (Weinheim)

06.04.2019 Tante Gerda (Mosbach)

01.05.2019 Radio Darmstadt

30.05.2019 Hainbush Open Air (Steínklingen)

01.06.2019 Kessel Festival Stuttgart

08.06.2019 Weißes Lamm (Großsachsen)

13.06.2019 StRiedKULT (Riedstadt)

16.06.2019 Festungsfest (Germersheim)

29.06.2019 Open Mind Air (Weinheim)

06.07.2019 Rollstuhlmarathon (Heidelberg)

31.08.2019 Fischpfad Festival (Heidelberg-Handschuhsheim)

07.09.2019 Schlossfest (Mannheim)

14.09.2019 Minnow feiert den 1. CD Geburtstag – Cafe Central (Weinheim)

07.12.2019 Forum (Mannheim) Abschlusskonzert Bandsupport

Album „not even breathing“ Lyrics

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Above the water
the sun is shining
you see the ship sailing off the coast.

Journey has begun,
there´s no going back,
nothing can hold us anymore.

So, we are free
‘cause we need to be

The wind blows us gently,
in the endless widths,
our world is lively in every sense.

The days and nights
are flying by,
while we travel around the world.

But what would you do if you feel hemmed in?
If you have not enough space to try a turning?
And every hour on deck you see the same things,
things that remind you of your home and loved friends

We are free
‘cause we need to be

Move On
More than nothing, but it’s not enough
so we keep talking ‚bout all this stuff.
What is right and what is wrong?
Oh this will take so long.

Now it’s time to leave it all behind,
‚cause now I’m ready to find
something new, no I don’t need you,
the best that we can do.

Tell me the truth and say what you mean,
explain what you feel, mh say it to me.
Don’t know what to do and I just can’t see
how far this will go, oh say it to me.

I don’t know how to move on,
and it hurts to see you with somebody else.
Oh I try so hard to move on
and everybody’s telling me: Don’t!
But I just can’t stop.

Now we’re talking again and again
why? I don’t know why we’re holding on,
‚cause actually I’m done!

The way, that you make me feel
like nothing else is real.
I don’t know how to move on,
so I sing along
and I’m staying strong.

I don’t know how to move on.
(No, I don’t know!)

On the road
I’ve grown up into this distance
between us still wish we‘d stay friends
our love was deep
but hard to keep
I know
I know

And I’ll keep in touch with this bottle of beer
it feels so tough being alone here
this empty seat next to me full of memories
I miss
I miss

And I’m On the Road
so far away
simply getting lost
all day.
And I’m left alone
from all the pain
simply getting lost
all day.

A break you said
is better than a relationship dead.
let some time
bury our goodbye
in sand
in sand

Tell me if you hear me!
Yell and lead me
back to you!
All this time spending,
sitting and pretending
to be in control.

I Doubt It
You say that a human cannot fly
that the bones are too heavy, it wouldn’t comply
I dreamed that one day I will be
shining like a star, so you can see.
You say we’re heading into strive
that the stage is yours, step out of the light
you know not a thing about life
live bold, speak outright

We know all the rules about that game
nothing written down, hold back it’s a shame
I raised against stronger forces
fighting till the end so you can see,

but you say, stars are too far away

I don’t know how to say,
there are more things worth to pray.
You say it’s not possible.
O, I doubt it.

Every lesson in school I zoned out
keep your feet on the ground was the only thing you shout‘
if my arms cannot carry me to dizzy heights
my thoughts will do with breath taking flights.

Start to hover, looking up, cutting off the earth chain
nothing left from myself except a fading sustain
Getting off Gravity, one more thing that you don’t see

And still you say, stars are too far away

Hold my hand
Who would have known
under the spotlight ’s where we belonged.
Is it the way the we move
or the way we seduce?

For us it’s all about trust
giving some company in a life time.
We’re old silverware
some polish and we will shine.

Darling now hold my hand!
On this stage we’ll move from measure to measure.
Out of the dark your smile;
this moment could last a while.

Rocking from side to side
like our relationship: an endeavour.
Out of the dark my smile;
this moment it could last forever.

All the lights dim we’re all alone
could be anywhere with our souls,
just our hearts in unison
with this song.

Slow dance towards expectation
but taking a sharp turn
then spin into a spiral of
dopamine and love.

You know Love sometimes can be a dance
except no one knows how to lead these ones
I could rule the world at glance
but I’d prefer to share it in your arms.

Me, I hear you talking all the time,
seeing that you just can’t deny.
I have to admit, that I ain’t right,
now I really know it was a lie.

And time is passing by, once we have been so high,
but now you’re standing in my way.
And all the times I cried, the pain I feel inside,
there’s nothing more that I could say.

Maybe I don’t cry, but it hurts,
maybe I don’t show, but I care,
maybe I don’t say, but I feel,
is it real?

Wondering what you’re thinking ‚bout,
and if I could live life without.
Seeing you, but I’m looking ‚round,
can’t believe it’s you I found.

Is it really what you want or am I wasting time?
Do you feel it too?
Do you feel it too? I do.

And time is passing by, once we have been so high,
there’s nothing more that I could say.
Maybe I don’t cry, but it hurts,
maybe I don’t show, but I care,
maybe it’s not there what I feel,
but it’s real for me.

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Your seed’s lying down under.
The light’s arousing you.
Water makes you wander
to a world you haven’t knew.

Growth will be your mantra
to the breathfull whispering blue
but your periderm betrayed ya
there are more than only you

So give your eyes a circle
don’t think in a frame.
Your minds may be different
but your stems
measure the same.

No need to live life selfish.
No need to stand alone
so build yourself a forest,
strengthen up your home.

‘Cause where wood has made up giants
and green dressed up our dry land
peace saturated blossom
will grow a whole new stand

Measure, measure the same.

Long days, short nights, summer is finally here.
Make sure, you’re alright, it’s the best time of the year.
So take a drink, turn the music on,
come on, come on, I love that song!


And oh oh oh, I’m feeling free,
and oh oh oh, I feel released,
and oh oh oh, I’m feeling free,
and I can finally be me,
we can be how we want to be.

Feel the music and let her take yourself away,
live the moment, we can do this everyday.
So move your feet, turn your body ‚round,
come on, come on, I love that sound.

So open up, your heart and mind,
‚cause summer is the time, when everybody feel alright.
Open up and close your eyes, we will dance all night.

So take a drink, turn the music on,
come on, come on, I love, come on, come on I love,
I love that sound.

Raise a Glass then grab a hand!
Spin one around till none can still stand!
It’s ticking for sunrise but tonight stays tonight;
a grandiose fever of feeling alive.

It’s simply this moment of outmost enjoyment,
orbits intimately ‘round fears but avoids them
An instant of daring of pairing and sharing
to the world declaring that we are all one

Now chant and mould
this future untold!
A mother and father have given you life
but you’re in control

No one has chosen
to set life in motion.
You’re a moment in time, you do recognize
your souls come unfrozen.
I remember my falls and more so my upbringing;
Greatly thanking all who foresaw these crowds singing.
except if we answer after at least as loud.

Right now
Walking around and you can see my smile,
nobody would think, that nothing’s alright.
I don’t know why and nobody knows,
I’m losing control.

Now we’re back at the place where we’ve been,
now or than, doesn’t matter, one little thing,
is always making me crazy,
so maybe…

I don’t want a forever,
I just want a right now.
I don’t want a forever,
I just want a right now.
And tell me why nothing feels alright.

I haven’t thought this will hold on so long,
but as so many times, I was wrong,
you should know, that I am strong,
I won’t go.

And I don’t wanna fall into something I can’t control,
and I don’t wanna fall into something that I don’t know.
I just gotta feel it deep in my soul,
that I don’t wanna fall into something that I don’t know.
Focus on, focus on the right now.
Focus on, focus on the right now.

And tell me why nothing feels alright.

You should go
Tell me what it feels like
doing all the same faults again!
Did you ever think about
using more than just your best sense?
I miss the sunny days we had at the start.
We both know our lives drifted apart.

You should go!

I will wait out the time until your return.
But no one knows when we’ll meet again
If we’ll be strangers and have to learn
from our past and our thoughts
so we don’t have to explain

Through the fire through the cold
carry the burden and be bold
Go ahead and you will see
how our lives will be

Not even breathing
Let’s play fair
get your hands up in the air
I know you stared at me tonight
Move right in sight
with your lovely, lovely eyes
and sing these words like I’ve never heard.

I’m so overthrown you give me chills
you grab by my waist, my heads still spinnin‘.
Over the top your hands my neck lock
I beg you don‘t stop, I beg you don‘t stop!

You give me this feeling
like I’m not even breathing!
like I’m not even breathing!
like I’m not even breathing!

You take all I’m needing
replacing it with this feeling
like I’m not even breathing!
like I’m not even breathing!

Grant a wish
oh what Id give for just one kiss
u clap along to the second beat
This timings finding
other ways to rhyming
love and between us this sexual heat

You give me this feeling
like I’m not even breathing!


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Dorian Röhring

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